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Welcome to Guide to River Cruising

I love river cruising.  That's why I decided to start this new site.  From the differences between rivers and river cruise companies to life aboard and what to do in the ports you'll visit, you'll find all the answers right here. More info and river cruise news is added daily. 

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Ready for a river cruise? You've come to the right place.  Here you will find answers to all of your river cruising questions. Expert advice to help you to choose your cruise, port city guides and travel tips to extend your trip before or after your cruise. Click "Read More" button to start.

River Cruise Lines

With hundreds of river ships, how do you decide which one to choose? If you prefer an exotic river location, your selection of river cruise lines and their ships is narrowed.  For Europe, what distinguishes one river cruise line from the other lies within service, food and inclusions.  Click for inside info. 

What River Where

Unless you know world geography, you might need a little help to choose a river cruise. Click below for the complete list of rivers from A to Z (Amazon to Zambezi) and the country or countries to find them. From Europe to USA, Africa to Asia, there's a river to cruise. 

When to Cruise

Maybe you've heard about the amazing colors on a spring tulip-time cruise along the Rhine river in the Netherlands. Or grape harvest season in Portugal experienced on a Douro river or Mosel in Germany. While August in Venice can be quite hot, late autumn on the Main is quite refreshing for many.

Life Aboard

Day-to-day life aboard a rivership is never mundane.  Basics like what to wear, is smoking allowed, currency and credit cards, dining times and options and onboard entertainment are covered. Find out what procedures to expect on embarkation day and when it's time to disembark.

River Cruise FAQs

To help you decide, we've put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about river cruises and the cruise experience.  If you're not sure if a river cruise is right for you, wonder what to pack or what's included, we have the answers. From solo travelers to cabin location, it's all here.